President 's Message


My dear brothers and sisters, as you know, a society of Dusadh Community namely “Delhi Dusadh Parivaar” has been registered in Delhi. The purpose of this society is to unite people of Dusadh Community. In order to make the objective successful, the annual conference, Dusadh Milan Program and small gatherings has been organized from time to time by the Delhi Dusadh Parivaar.

In addition to this, through various social media, like; facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram etc. matrimonial affairs are also being taken up by the Delhi Dusadh Parivaar and its benefit are being received by people of Dusadh families as well.

As far as possible, Delhi Dusadhs Parivaar tries to provide economic and medical support to the economically backward people of the Dusadh Samaj, and in this auspicious work people living in Delhi and other corners of the country have a big hand.

I feel proud of being the President of this Society that people of Dusadh Samaj have understood this worth. In the end, I want to say that I will try to be honest to the people who have shown faith and given this responsibility to me.

-Er. Ajay Kumar