Delhi Dusadh Parivaar website is dedicated to all Dusadh community people around the globe. As we all know that, being born in a Dusadh family itself is the matter of proud. Our mission is to nourish and encourage the origination of a great Dusadh community. The significance of this website is to provide pleasant environment where traditions, cultures, ideas, customs, knowledge, happiness may come together through a dynamic and alluring medium. It is our hope that by providing a stage for cultural, social, educational and professional interaction, we will understand a so called gap in our community. Interaction within the Dusadh community will permit us to come closer as a group and subsequently, contribute positively to the Dusadh community. Delhi Dusadh Parivaar is formed to provide a platform for connecting all Dusadhs (irrespective of sub-caste) with an intension to understand each other, to exchange ideas, knowledge, to understand culture, social matter for the betterment of Dusadh community and also to provide social status to individuals, to help or to assistance in any need or emergency, to extent possible with the social network. Our vision is to preserve and promote Dusadh Culture, Social Achievement, Economic Progress and in general well-being of Dusadh community. Delhi Dusadh Parivaar will also promote and undertake program for moral and mental development through Yoga etc. and educate the Dusadh community for the eradication of social evils like dowry system, child marriage, illiteracy etc.